• RE-CORTA, at Arroyo Culebro’s Works

RE-CORTA, at Arroyo Culebro’s Works

RE-CORTA, Demolición Técnica, S.L., transports two demolition robots to the worksite for treatment of the existing tertiary at the WWTP upper middle basin of Arroyo Culebro.

CANAL DE ISABEL II GESTIÓN S.A., has promoted the necessary works and actions needed to be taken to ensure the supply of reusable water, both in quantity and quality, from the tertiary treatment of existing sand filters at WWTP upper middle basin of Arroyo Culebro to deposits
situated in the southern municipalities of the Community of Madrid: Alcorcón, Leganés, Getafe, Pinto, Parla, Humanes and Fuenlabrada.

Through the general contractor DRACE, and in collaboration with the company VOLADURAS DEMOLICIONES Y DESGUACES, S.A., RE-CORTA has been involved in the demolition of the concrete walls that form the filter channels to change. In this instance RE-CORTA has used the medium robots, the Brokk 180, which, with an approximate weight of 2,200 kg and an engine that delivers a power of 18.5 kW,being the most suitable for the work. The main stumbling block was that a considerable height had to be reached taking into account the small workplace. This was achieved thanks to the Brokk 180’s expandable arms.

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